Bryan Smith, the Sept. 2 paper, you accuse Biden of displaying cognitive decline because he occasionally stumbles over words or uses the wrong words in a certain context. You know he has battled a speech impediment (stuttering) since he was a child. He has shown considerable strength and determination to overcome it. He still has to concentrate and watch his words carefully as he speaks, especially in high-pressure situations. Trump is well known for fracturing the English language and not being able to put a coherent sentence together in any situation, but you purposely hide or at least don’t mention that in your article. I know, putting an intentional spin on a story is pretty common these days, but it’s still lying.

Yes, to have public debates for the office of president is important, but to push for it so you can make fun of or mischaracterize Biden’s speech handicap is just wrong. Having to stand there and listen to Trump make up “facts” without the benefit of truth has to be stressful. Biden’s having to concentrate on the pronunciation of his every word with an occasional slip has nothing to do with cognitive impairment and everything to do with managing a handicap. What’s Trump’s excuse?

Jim Rose

Idaho Falls