My apologies to Ralph Smith ("Lowrey is Wrong"). After checking several more sources I found a disparity in the number of lies and falsehoods recorded for Trump over the last two years, and that number varies from just over 4,000 to 7,000.

I assume the disparity is based on how one defines a lie. For example, Trump’s statement that he “is a very stable genius” might count as one lie, or two falsehoods, depending on one’s definition.

And Trump claimed last week, “wheels have been around longer than walls.” The archaeological record is clear on this: stone walls have been around much longer than the wheel, so is this another lie, or perhaps Trump is not up on his prehistory and misspoke?

So, one can understand why the numbers might be skewed. But isn’t it delightful when we get to quibble over how many lies our President has told over the last two years? A measly 4,000-plus or just under 7,000?

Let’s face it, from the trumped-up anti-Obama “Birther” myth to vindictive untruths told about his Republican political opponents, Trump’s entire campaign strategy was based on lying.

On another note, I don’t have cable or dish TV (as Smith assumes), so I glean my information from periodicals, journals, books and that radical station, PBS, not from CNN or MSNBC, of which I know little.

I suggest that Smith would benefit from turning off his TV or radio, switching channels, or better yet, reading a book to expand his horizons.

Dino Lowrey

Idaho Falls

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