Finally, some intelligent and rational action out of the state legislature. My congratulations and support to Rep. Jim Rice of Caldwell and his bill banning the use of hand-held mobile devices while driving. I was starting to be concerned when a local representative (you know who you are) proposed that cell phones and driving are a simple task and should not be taken away from the state of Idaho citizenry. We may all be saved from ourselves yet.

Now if our local population would obey the law about texting and driving. As an example, yesterday I sat in a left turn lane on Sunnyside behind a driver whose head was pointed down to his lap and failed to notice that the green turn arrow light was on.

Gosh, I wonder what he was doing? He finally lifted his head and made his turn after I had been honking my horn for 30 seconds. Obviously, due to his inattentive driving, I did not make the light. But what's a few seconds out of one's life. It could always be worse.

Alan Jones

Idaho Falls

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