The irony should be lost on no one.

In my news feed this morning there was an article about a ten-year-old boy who hung himself after chronic bullying by his classmates. The very next article up was one about Sean Hannity (and his Fox buddies) brainstorming over belittling monikers for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Trump has fostered this noxious political environment where bullying is glorified and compromise is shamed. Bullying always has victims until somebody has the courage to stand up and punch the bully in the nose.

So far, amongst the entire Republican Party, only Mitt Romney has had the courage to call Trump out for his childishness and cruelty and his forthrightness has stood out like a shining star. Our own senators have apparently been so cowed by the president’s habit of targeting his attacks towards anybody who dares speak out against him, that they remain in the shadows, quietly licking his boots. Pathetically, Sen. Risch, upon being named chairman of the foreign relations committee, publically admitted it isn’t his “style” to openly disagree with the president and he told us he won’t be doing so. So much for checks and balances.

Bullies always fall eventually. The president has blatantly demonstrated that he has no loyalty for lackeys when they stop being useful and we’ve clearly seen what happens to them. Please, Mr. Crapo and Mr. Risch, it’s not too late to be heroes. God knows we need them.

Jackie Stephens

Idaho Falls

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