Why should we make banking easier for drug dealers? The Secure And Fair Enforcement Banking Act passed by the U.S. House has me confused — marijuana is not legal under federal law, but Congress wants to legalize using our legitimate banks for the dirty profits from the sale of this illegal, destructive drug. What’s next, selling pot in the grocery store? Drug dealers accepting Visa and Mastercard? Push this camel’s nose back out from under the tent. Letting these marijuana merchants use legitimate banks is just one step closer to normalizing the use of their poison.

As a recent transplant from Colorado, I have seen how drugs have ruined what used to be a wonderful state. When legalizing marijuana, Colorado voters did not anticipate the influx of addicts and homeless or the effect on kids. The promised new tax money was hugely overstated, because it was eaten up by the cost of regulation and enforcement, not to mention the burden of overdoses, car crashes, drug treatment and social safety nets for all those addicts who came to Colorado for the “rocky mountain high” and stayed to become the new homeless.

Our Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo opposes introducing a Senate bill like the one passed in the House. He needs to hear from the Idahoans he represents that we don’t want drug dealers ruining our way of life here the way they did in Colorado. Drug dealers are making huge profits without our help to normalize their business. We must contact Sen. Crapo immediately and urge him to hold the line. Contact him at https://www.crapo.senate.gov/contact/email-me or (202) 224-6142.

Aimee Rathburn