As most of you know, the Idaho Supreme Court handed down a decision that the Medicaid expansion referendum was constitutional and the opposing lawsuit that prompted the case was without merit. I heartily encourage the Idaho Attorney General’s Office to follow through with their inclination to send the Idaho Freedom Foundation a bill for the court’s time and attorney fees.

This group of ideological zealots has no right to squander taxpayer money on a frivolous issue that the large majority of taxpayers wanted and passed in the last election. Sooner or later the individuals and corporations that fund the IFF will start to question whether or not their contributions are going down rat holes.

It is also obvious that anything Bryan Smith and the Bonneville County Central Committee touch is a loser. Remember how far they got with the state takeover of federal lands? Remember how Representative Simpson completely waxed Smith in a race for Congress? Remember they were defeated by a supermajority of voters in the College of Eastern Idaho bond election?

So far, this venture is a resounding success, and all their predictions of harm to the taxpayer have proven false. Now add their embarrassment in front of the Idaho Supreme Court to your memory banks in case they have the gall to oppose a major public benefit in the future. I suppose they are constitutionally incapable of supporting an initiative that would benefit the public.

Prove me wrong and act like good citizens.

Jim Key

Idaho Falls

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