In each of our lives, we encounter an exceptional person who will be remembered as a fine human being.

Roy Southwick was just that type of a person.

Many moons ago when KID Broadcasting Company was one big happy family on 17th Street with television, AM and FM radio under one big roof, I came to know Roy not only as a fellow broadcaster but also as a good friend. I was a rookie reporter in the TV field at that time. Roy would give me top-notch advice, which only a pro of his caliber could offer to a novice.

Roy was a pioneer in the broadcast field here in the Upper Snake River Valley where he worked as an announcer when KID-AM studios were downtown in the Bonneville Hotel in the 1940s.

He and Bob Burtenshaw were television pioneers who were actively involved with news and local programming when KID-TV came on-the-air in 1953.

In the mid-sixties, Roy was instrumental in putting KID-FM on-the-air. KID-FM was the first high-powered FM station, which blanketed eastern Idaho from Marsh Valley to Island Park.

Roy was an optimist by nature where he was always in a good mood.

So long, Roy! You will be missed by many people.

Bob Ziel


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