Idaho's Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin has just stumbled into political ineptness. Is this Idaho's very own version of "some very fine people?"

You remember Charlottesville, Virginia, in the summer of 2017? After the vehicular slaughter of Heather Heyer and riots that rocked a college town, our president failed to denounce neo-Nazis and white nationalists wielding tiki torches. Trump said there were some very fine people on both sides. Essentially he couldn't denounce racists and anarchists, people that are sadly his supporters. Idaho Falls' very own Representative, Bryan Zollinger, made national news when he re-posted a conspiracy theory that some left-wing cabal had staged this to smear President Trump.

Now McGeachin posts a picture of herself in support of duly convicted Idahoan Todd Engel involved with the Bundy ranch standoff — the rancher who would not pay over $1 million in grazing fees he owed to the BLM. Bundy decided that the federal government just didn't have the right to own the land he was illegally grazing on, and some of his like-minded "patriots" pointed arms at federal agents. Later Bundy made some derogatory remarks about African Americans and slavery.

Ms. McGeachin is either naive about the likely racist or radical 2nd Amendmenders hand gestures those protestors sported or she is a fellow traveler. This is not about responsible firearm use or supporting people you feel are "standing up for fundamental rights as Americans."

I can't wander into one of her businesses pointing an AK and demand a transmission or a meal. Bundy, Engel stole from you, me and all Americans. Janice, you need to understand that when you sit in your office in the Idaho State Capitol.

Arnie Erickson

Idaho Falls

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