Einstein supposedly said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results." And when it comes to education, we follow that maxim to a T. We keep pouring more money into it. Is it making a difference? Let’s look at facts using 2019 measurements on a scale from 0-500 used by the "Nation's Report Card," which profiles all states’ educational achievements — or lack thereof.

Idaho's fourth graders came in at 242 in math, not even halfway to the goal. Only 43 percent of students are proficient. Less than 38 percent are proficient in reading. Science checks in at under 39 percent.

Our eighth graders are less than 39 percent proficient in math, reading is at 37 percent and science makes it all the way to 40 percent. Wahoo.

For our seniors the last data available was in 2013: Only 25 percent were proficient in math and 41 percent in reading. I'm glad we stopped testing our seniors. It's embarrassing that after 12 plus years of free public education that less than half of them can read or exhibit basic math proficiency.

And yet we continue to focus on our ever-expanding education budget. Hello, it's not working. And bigger/better buildings ain’t cutin' it.

Stop the insanity. And, parents, it's up to you because I can tell you from firsthand experience the teachers union is putting the screws to us. But it’s convenient to send your kids off to the free government schools. If something is free, then it’s probably not worth the cost.

Andi Elliott