If you are a skier at Grand Targhee or if you own a home in Teton Valley, there is a matter that demands your time and attention.

Grand Targhee Resort has submitted plans to the U.S. Forest Service for a massive expansion. If approved Grand Targhee Resort’s acreage would mirror those of big resorts in Colorado. They want to add four lifts and build two 6,000 square foot restaurants.

Grand Targhee is located within Wyoming. Yet they want all their employee housing and the numerous park and rides needed to support the resort to be in Idaho. All the burden, all the new taxes for these will fall on the taxpayers of Teton County, Idaho and to a lesser extent, the state of Idaho.

For visitors from the Post Register reading area, here’s what a Grand Targhee Resort expansion means:

Lift tickets will probably double. Meal prices will increase. Instead of parking and being able to walk to the restrooms and lifts, you will park in Driggs, Victor or Tetonia and be bussed up the hill. If you can park on the hill, count on a fee of at least $25.

Chances are that some group of billionaires is going to buy Grand Targhee Resort. Vail Resorts seems a likely candidate.

If you own a home in Teton Valley, count on increased taxes, loss of dark skies, seeing more ribbons of silver on the mountain and a lot more traffic. You have until Oct. 12 to comment on this proposal. Contact the U.S. Forest Service.

Anne Callison