In the Jan. 18 issue of Business Insider, Republican Rep. Will Hurd states that a physical wall is "the most expensive and least effective" form of border security. Rep. Hurd is a former CIA agent and has been described as a leading Congressional voice on technology issues. His district includes 800 miles of border which covers over 40 percent of the length of the wall our president demands be built for border security.

The media excludes the reporting of bipartisan voting by a Texas Republican for “no” wall funding. Rep. Hurd votes with Democrats on this issue and does not want this expensive wall built in his district.

Rep. Hurd suggests running fiber optics the length of the border to provide internet service to remote areas.

The fiber optic cable would also include border surveillance with both surface and “underground” detection. Border Agents can then respond to that detection quickly.

The United States used similar surveillance techniques in Vietnam 50 years ago. Why can't we do the same on our border? Physical barriers work in areas of urban to urban contact but not in remote locations where an underground tunnel can go undetected.

Border Patrol Agents using technology and dogs found a large amount of drugs at the Nogales Port of Entry this past week. It is unfathomable to think of a semi-truck driving through sagebrush and fording the Rio Grande to avoid a port of entry. The border requires several technologies to be used. I agree with Rep. Hurd.

Beverly Beach


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