Goodness triumphs evil. Thank you, America. Thank you for correcting the grievous mistake you made in 2016. Thank you for returning decency, empathy, kindness, compassion, intelligence and scientific awareness to our federal administration. Thank you for returning dignity and grace to our White House. Thank you for restoring credibility in our Justice Department, our State Department and our national security operations. Thank you for supporting a clean environment. Thank you for supporting income equality. Thank you for electing an administration with the capability of planning an effective, science-based response to the pandemic. Thank you for rejecting the racism, xenophobia, misogyny and hatred that spewed forth from Trump and his minions daily. Thank you for terminating the march to a right wing, authoritarian dictatorship. Thank you for standing up against rampant political corruption.

America’s allies can now respect us again, and America’s enemies will now fear us again. Good people in America and in the free countries of the world are celebrating today.

Jim Sathe

Idaho Falls