The Idaho Falls Nordic Ski Patrol (IFNSP) thanks the sponsors and community support for helping us bring the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour to Idaho Falls on Jan. 24-26, 2019. Nearly 3000 armchair adventurers shared the excitement. Also present were 22 exhibits representing private organizations and city, state and national agencies for parks and recreation, public safety, conservation, recreation user groups and university outdoor programs.

Highlights included: “Reel Rock 12: Break on Through” where Margo Hayes, 19, successfully trains to be the first female to climb 5.15; “Divided (Edit)” where Lee Craigie, 38, and Rickie Cotter, 31, ride the Tour Divide from Banff to Mexico, 2745 miles in 24 days; and “The Frenchy” where Jacques Houot, 82, counters aging with laughter – no problem.

Emcee Jerry Jensen greeted the audience and proudly announced that the IFNSP was again recognized as 2018 Runner-up for National Outstanding Nordic Patrol. The patrol donated funds to promote cross-country ski programs at Bonneville Joint School District 93, Lighthouse Montessori School, and the West Yellowstone Ski Education Foundation. Future Banff shows are scheduled for Jan. 23-25, 2020.

Proceeds from the event enable the patrol to purchase safety equipment, conduct training, improve radio communication, maintain the Becker warming hut yurt at Harriman and offer outdoor emergency care to Nordic skiers in eastern Idaho. Thank you for your generous and enthusiastic support.

Scott Lee, patrol director

Idaho Falls

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