I had written a letter to the Post Register about my frustration of people speeding down my street. I had mentioned Mayor Coletti in my letter.

As I saw no improvement, I called the city of Ammon for his e-mail address. I sent Mayor Coletti an e-mail on the speeding and also mentioned the water metering as another concern. He e-mailed me back the same day.

He had already spoken to the Bonneville sheriff about the speeding. He said he would like to meet with me. I told him I could see he was addressing my concerns, and it was not necessary to meet. He replied back and said I still want to meet. I said give me a time. He came back with: I will be at your house 9 a.m. Tuesday. I am feeling a little anxious as 9 a.m. approaches.

At exactly 9 a.m. the mayor is at my door. We talk about kids, pets, where we came from. We talked about the water metering and I learned information I was not aware of. He said I am here to meet you and answer any questions you have. 

Such a nice man. I so enjoyed talking to him. He said please e-mail me if you have any more concerns in the future. I realized that our city is in good hands. That we are fortunate to have him as the mayor of Ammon. Thank you, Mayor Coletti.

R. Chase


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