He is an outstanding father with remarkable children. All parents recognize this is no small accomplishment.

Trump selected Vice President Mike Pence as his running mate. Vice President Pence describes himself as "a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order." When elected governor he inherited a $2 billion reserve, made the largest tax cuts in the history of Indiana and still maintained a $2 billion reserve in 2014. Indiana has a AAA credit rating.

President Trump keeps promises regarding economic growth. Unemployment among African Americans and Hispanics has never been lower in the history of our country. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was 20,559 when Trump took office and now sits at 24,706, a 20 percent gain. Plus he has made significant progress in creating a better playing field in trade with China.

He has neutralized ISIS, as he said he would, making the Levant much safer and illustrating to the world that we have a leader who responds with courage and demonstrates to our allies, and foes alike, what they can expect. Teamed with other nations of the world, Trump convinced North Korea to stop testing ICBMs, making the entire world a safer place.

President Trump has the courage, despite consistent Democratic opposition, to insist on a wall along our southern border to keep our country and its citizens safe.

Go Trump!

Michael Armstrong

Idaho Falls

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