Liberals are harming our country. Their foot soldiers are the naive and vulnerable people they exploit. The leaders know exactly what they're doing. It's about controlling the rest of us to gain power. The left's crowd of women trying to be president are lackluster. These new, mob-like, left-wingers should be marginalized by 2020.

Did you see the cartoon of Pelosi in the paper? She was cast as the Statue of Liberty. It was amazing how her eyes and face were so accurately depicted. I admire the cartoonist's skills. I know the Statue of Liberty, and Nancy is no Lady Liberty. She and Maxine Waters are shamefully radicalizing our innocent youth and others.

I've written about the forgotten or invisible man leftists marginalize. White males count too, along with minorities and women. Let's keep debates balanced and fair. Interestingly, even nature is balanced with the white shark to control the aggressive giant squid (which is real and causes problems) in the Sea of Cortez. They call the squid a menace.

We quelled the red menace starting in the fifties and won the cold war under President Reagan. Unfortunately, Cortez and her cohort are spreading the red menace again. I'm glad President Reagan is not here to see it. The most destructive force in history, the "ghastly" syndrome: socialism/communism/dictatorship is on the march again.

We've defeated it across the word for decades to become the greatest nation ever. No embedded covey of neophytes can take liberty from us, no matter how violent they become, or how many laws they ignore.

Stanton Anderson

Idaho Falls

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