Although the outrage over the circumstances that occurred in Minneapolis was justified, violent protests resulting in the destruction of property and attacks on citizens do not come within the protections of the Constitution within the sphere of peaceful protest.

While actions by certain law enforcement personnel that resulted in the death of this young man are indeed regrettable, efforts to defund police, as well as the lack of will on the part of mayors and other public officials to support law enforcement are not. It is essential that members of departments are properly trained to handle such situations in the future.

As expected, well-organized elements of the left, often well-funded, have used this unfortunate situation to advance and promote insurrection and civil disorder. On a broader scale, this is an attack on America and an effort to destroy this nation by those inspired by Marxist and Communist-style tactics.

As my perspective is guided by the recollection of the tactics employed by the brownshirts and blackshirts of the Hitler era who attacked and beat up those who didn’t go along with the agenda of the German Social Democratic Party, there is in recent violence across the nation a strong comparison. The police are essential to the safety and stability of our communities and should not be attacked and vilified because of the actions of a few improperly trained and unhinged individuals.

In consideration of what many of them face in the line of duty, by far the most do a credible job. They are heads of families and human beings who have had the courage and dedication to put their lives on the line to protect us.

Indeed, in the perspective of the direction this nation seems to be taking, their presence will be ever more valuable to keep in check elements that seek to promote disorder.

Evan Tibbott