A nihilist is someone who does not bow to authority — someone who does not take any principle or need or trust, regardless of the respect surrounding that principle. In our country and community, we have those preaching the rejection of laws, dictates, social rules and governmental regulations, even if temporary, because they say those dictates violate their right to liberty. Some boldly proclaim they would rather die than have their rights restrained or the economy harmed, even in the face of a dire human emergency.

At this time, when the majority of citizens are joining together to conform to strict social and governmental measures, the nihilists are seeking to destroy our collective resolve. It would appear that they see those of us who are trying to be socially responsible as the enemy rather than the COVID-19 virus. In this hour of crucial human need, the question is whether or not the majority will allow their resolve to be diminished by a manic minority. When the nihilists begin spouting their mantra of “live free or die,” let us remind ourselves that “there is no freedom without responsibility.”

Now is the time to protect the greater good. We are all in this together.

Dick Spackman