When guest writers try to interpret the motivations of the founders to fit their contempt for the Electoral College, using their well worn tactic of intimidation by character manipulation, it only further highlights the leftward, and decidedly anti-American, shift of the modern Democratic party.

Any party that is willing to justify violation of the nation’s federal immigration laws to gain political votes and power, in my mind, at least, is not qualified to hold the nation’s highest office, let alone make laws that will affect the safety and lives of Americans, at least until the party returns to a more moderate position and their supporters decide to elect representatives who are intellectually and ethically qualified to earn the nation’s trust. Intimidation through the tactic of promoting a sense of guilt and contempt for American’s heritage may work with many, but in allusion to the words of Abraham Lincoln, referring to the ability of some to pull the wool over people’s eyes, it will not work with many of us.

And, I think, a large proportion of Americans have had a grandstand seat over the past four years. No, we do not have a spotless history, by any accounts. But, the Constitution provides a framework through which the more undesirable elements of that history have been overcome. The application of "racism" has outworn its intended effect and only highlights the paucity of ideas the party has that is of benefit to this nation. The Electoral College spreads representation more fairly over a broad expanse of the nation and prevents states and cities with high populations from running roughshod over states with low populations and broader geographical representation.

Evan Tibbott