Serious crimes are becoming more and more prevalent in Idaho Falls and surrounding areas. The Idaho Falls Police Department is working long and hard to contain and or mitigate it with their hands tied behind their back. That's not fair, totally unnecessary and uncalled for.

First and foremost they need and deserve a state of the art facility with the latest technology, equipment and required manpower now.

After six or so years, the mayor and some council members finally located and purchased a police facility location, but in the three or four months since nothing appears to be moving or happening. That would indicate no cleanup of the area will get started this spring, no design is underway thus, no construction getting started.

I sure hope the police facility doesn't become another event center. I truly hope none of the auditorium group members or hangers-on have anything to do with getting this much-needed police facility built.

Second, and very disturbing, there is turnstile justice, which appears to be getting worse. Every day the paper and local new stations contain articles of serious crimes and getting worse, but they also show where the people who commit these crimes are released, put on rider programs or released pending trial. The same names appear a few days later committing another serious crime. Turnstile justice.

It's past time for the city leaders to roll up their sleeves and get our police force the very much needed facility they need and deserve. Make it happen.

As for turnstile justice, that needs a lot more public outcry.

Gene Hicks

Idaho Falls