I couldn't help but think "there they go again" as I read Ron Nate's column. Mr. Nate's pleadings for special rights for some is simply wrongheaded. Add the Words is spot-on in their demand for equal treatment under the law.

The First Amendment guarantees the right to believe whatever you want. I fully endorse that. You can be a Muslim, an atheist, a Mormon or a Pastafarian and, in the words of Thomas Jefferson, it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket. But when you drag the intolerance taught in your religion into the public square and demand the rest of us bow down and grant you special rights that allow you to subject the rest of us to that intolerance, the answer is no. The First Amendment does not guarantee you the right to act however you want.

That this intolerance is part of your religion does not matter. Religiously inspired bigotry is still bigotry. The fact is such religiously inspired contempt could be wielded against any group. Women, racial or religious minorities; anyone could refuse service to any group and claim their religious sensibilities demanded it.

The answer is simple. If you cannot operate a business and treat members of the LGBTQ community as fully human and deserving of equal treatment then running a business is not for you. Get out. You will be happier and the majority of Americans who believe in equality will be happier.

See? No special rights needed.

Vic Allen

Idaho Falls

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