Kudos to the Congress for anguishing over the stimulus that was sent to us. The $6.2 trillion bill has resulted in a check for $1,200. It’s kind of cute that they think $1,200 goes so far these days. Seeing that anguish and also seeing President Trump and his financial advisor, Larry Kudlow, announce the $6.2 trillion bill and then watch it devolve into a $2.2 trillion stimulus package made me wonder where the other $4 trillion went. That made me think about stimulus in general.

Maybe we need to think about a different kind of stimulus. Let’s say that instead of doing whatever they did with the $6.2 trillion, they simply called the treasury and said, “Let’s give every adult in the U.S. (252 million according to a Google search of the number of adults in the country) a check for $24,603.”

Can you even imagine the instant boost to every local economy in the country? Rent, cars, house payments, favorite vendors — the list would be as varied as the people that received it. That money would go almost instantly into a faltering economy and bring it back. Locally, regionally, nationally. A percolating economy instead of a trickledown economy. We have to pay back the national debt with interest, so it isn’t even free money, it would just go to different recipients. Worth a thought but, of course, the Congress would never do such an outrageous thing. We just couldn’t afford it, right?

Randy Walker