I am sure you won’t publish this letter, but I am tired of all the people complaining and saying they hate the country and it is not a great country, but then want special treatment and for me to pay their debts. I and many others have spent years in the military guaranteeing your protection and the right to choose.

If you are gay or trans-gendered fine, but that was your choice so don’t expect special treatment. If you chose to have unprotected sex and are now pregnant then that was you and your partner’s choice, so live with it. If you went to college and got a do-nothing degree and borrowed money, it is the same as buying a car. Don’t expect for me to pay for it.

If you think this country owes you something, then think again. If you want socialism then look around. There are plenty of countries to choose from, and I am sure they will welcome you and your money, so move but don’t let the door hit you in the butt.

Robert Jones

Idaho Falls