On June 25 Donald Trump had a campaign rally in Wisconsin. One of his issues, which has become common, is testing for COVID-19. The following quote was shown in a video clip on MSNBC, and likely other channels as well, said: “If we didn’t test, we wouldn’t have cases. But we have cases because we test.”

Note to Bob Ziel: This isn’t fake news — it was documented live by major media for all the world to see.

The logical extension of this, if there is one, is all that is required to cure the pandemic is to stop testing. The accusations that Trump is not fit for office and has serious mental and emotional shortcomings are proven on a daily basis by such idiotic statements. Remember his suggestion that drinking Lysol or bleach could be a cure since it works so well on your toilet?

Trump, as charged by John Brennan, retired CIA director, is a clear and present danger to the U.S. I don’t sleep well at night knowing an irrational autocrat has the launch codes for nuclear weapons.

Jim Key

Idaho Falls