In 1932, shortly before Hitler came to power in Germany, there were three major social movements in response to the problems of a spiraling industrial revolution that was changing society. Fascism (Nazism), communism and the New Deal or the center. Fast forward to the 2019 Idaho Legislature.

The initiative and referendum legislation (SB 1159 and HB 296) were vetoed by Gov. Brad Little because this legislation was flawed. It failed the litmus test of "what is beneficial and reasonable to protect Idaho citizens." Yet, misguided and deaf legislators reintroduced four alternative bills that comprise the same restrictive elements to the initiative and referendum process — changing the existing law that allows for 18 months, 6% of registered voters and 18 out of 35 legislative districts for qualification for the voter initiative process. They have failed the people.

Legislators represent the constituency that elected them to office. The people of Idaho have been clear: Maintain a reasonable standard for the initiative process. Yet some arrogant legislators do not respect Idaho citizens that elected them to office. The center (the trunk of the tree that represents society) is the center — necessary to support all the branches of beliefs and political idealism.

When the tree becomes infested with pests, you don't cut down the tree. You get rid of the infestation.

Recall legislators who don't represent their constituents and don't re-elect the same.

John LoBuono

Idaho Falls

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