So much for Gov. Little living up to his campaign promise to back the “will of the people” — even if it clashed with his own. Interestingly, according to the Pew-MacArthur cost-benefit study, Idaho is one of only eleven states that do not study cost-benefit relationships on a regular basis when considering legislation.

Does it make sense to require a person who has become disabled to the point they aren’t able to sustain employment to work in order to get Medicaid? To make the state pay for the oversight and operation of a work requirement when the law — as put forth by the People — costs the state almost nothing extra? No to both counts; but that’s our Legislature and, and now our governor, for you: Following the unconscionable conduct of our federal government. 

Instead of taking this with yet another desperate shake of our heads, as Ann Delmastro suggested, it’s time to recall these politicians. Examine, at the same time, their work requirements — three months is a pretty good deal for their own state-funded health-care.

To do so, one must contact Scott Bedke, the Speaker of the House for Idaho and Brent Hill, Senate Pro-Tem. Unfortunately, one can only request the recall of one’s own representatives but it’s a start. A communication to Chuck Winder, Senate Majority Leader and Michelle Stennett, Senate Minority Leader, might not hurt, either.

Ms. Delmastro included a link to the full petition instructions in her letter of April 12. Time to stand up, Idahoans.

G. K. Prahasto

Macks Inn

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