There is a simple solution to the shutdown controversy: Build the wall.

I applaud the president for having enough compassion to give government workers a short reprieve. That makes him a winner. Nancy and her friends are losers since they don't seem to care about border security or government workers.

According to Trevor Loudon, "For the first time, there are enough Democrat members of the House who openly espouse socialism and anti-Americanism that they will dominate the party."

It seems the Democrats have moved noticeably to the left and perhaps want potential votes from south of the border. It has disgusted me the last few years to see a biased press and the childish vindictive behavior of congressional Democrats whose sole passion and aim appears to be "get Trump." They may succeed.

They remind me of rabid salivating dogs who can't wait to investigate the president. I don't understand the apparent hatred. Watching the expensive and unneeded Mueller investigations reminds of the statement of a top Stalin aid who said, "give me the man, and I'll show you the crime."

R. Grant Hunter


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