Federal employees and contractors trying to make ends meet without a paycheck must have felt warm and fuzzy inside knowing Donald Trump sat fat and happy in his White House castle eating the best food with adequate staff to prepare his meals and clean his toilets during the shutdow, all with hard-earned taxpayer dollars.

Truth is, Trump doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t care if you miss a mortgage payment or have to drop your health insurance. He doesn’t care if travelers have to spend excessive hours in airports, or if farmers are unable to secure loans to plant next season’s crops.

Trump cares about himself and whether he wins or loses.

Most people don’t realize the $5.7 billion Trump wants will fund “a wall” of new and replacement barriers less than 250 miles in length, about 12% of the total border length. Yet Trump claims this will make the border secure. Does he not think people will walk around the end of the barriers? If the shutdown drug on further, the day would have come when federal employees didn't have a choice.

In spite of the promise of future paychecks, in order to feed their families and survive they would have to quit their jobs, give up years of retirement and seek other employment. And you can be sure that Donald Trump wouldn't care about that either.

Bruce Bash

Idaho Falls

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