So, President Trump is responsible for all the deaths due to COVID-19? What about all the idiots who didn’t, or don’t, wear face masks who go where they want and get in groups? Did he tell them to do that? No. We were told to stay home and if we had to go out to wear face masks.

Then, don’t forget, we were losing our “rights.” If people weren’t so stupid we wouldn’t have to be told. What happened to the rights of the people who died? I understand some people have no symptoms, so they could have spread it to people who got it and maybe even some of those who died. Masks might not be foolproof, but they help. If people would have listened, maybe so many may not have gotten it.

I know some have to go out and work and keep us going. I am proud of them. It’s the stupid people who did what they wanted to that may have spread it. You better blame some of them. If we have to go out, we wear masks. I see so many people who do not. Guess they figure they are above the rest of us and won’t get it.

You can’t blame Trump for all the idiots out there. Like Judge Judy says, “Beauty fades, but dumb is forever.”

Take the blame for what you may have done. We haven’t even seen most of our family in over two months. It’s hard, but if we can prevent someone else from getting it we’ll do what we have to.

Paulanna Wheeler