No more nasty accusations, please.

Comparing the Idaho legislature to “fascism,” “communism” or any other repulsive noun is inappropriate and terribly tasteless.

I understand some readers’ frustration over bills designed to restrict the referendum process. It is wrong, and personally, I agree with them, but how about toning down the nasty rhetoric?

It is precisely this type of name-calling and arrogance which is dividing our nation so far apart politically.

What I find especially infuriating is that some of my ancestors in Europe were victims of both fascism and communism. I doubt that John LoBuono, or others making these strong baseless accusations against our legislators, really understand or even have a clue of how awful oppressive dictators are to their constituents.

Virtually all lawmakers, be they Democrats or Republicans or liberals or conservatives, are decent individuals who have a sincere desire to improve our lives as Idahoans. During my 25-plus years as a local TV and radio reporter, I have never encountered or interviewed any legislator who could even be remotely branded as a fascist or a communist.

To this very day, I thank God that my mother and father legally immigrated to the U.S. in 1927, six years before “der Führer” — Adolph Hitler — came to power in Germany in 1933.

I am with critics and the Post Register Editorial Board on the position that watering down the referendum process is wrong, very wrong. By all means, communicate with your legislators, but express your assertions in a courteous manner.

Also, continue to write letters to the editors, but be civil, please.

Bob Ziel


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