A time comes in a person’s life when they resolve to live up to what they believe rather than profess it. It may be to quit smoking, boozing, to be faithful or to gain a more honorable livelihood. It takes a long time, sometimes, for living to catch up with believing.

Nations are the same. It took our nation 100 years to go from, “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal” to the emancipation proclamation. We had a huge fight among ourselves about whether we were going to make this a reality. It took about another 100 years to give (I mean actually give) the ability to vote to all men and women and for people to just sit equally in public.

Like the Hebrews of the Old Testament, peoples tend to fall away from their original beliefs and become decadent. Then they must struggle to return themselves, to return home to their foundational principles. It falls to our generation to reaffirm what our ancestors started and what we pledge. We say, “With liberty and justice for all.”

We need to ensure that and not turn our eyes away even though it may not affect us personally. We cannot expect part of the population to accept being killed by authorities illegally and precipitously. We would not accept that ourselves. It’s within our power to correct this problem, and if we want peace, that’s what must be done now.

Marguerite Nelson