I am not aware where the government has the authority to restrict its citizens' public movements, their right to assemble, their right to worship and attend church, or force private businesses to close without a formal declaration of martial law.

I’m not suggesting that martial law be declared, but it is wrong and illegal for the government to exceed its authority in the name of public safety. This is a very, very bad precedent.

Gov. Little has issued a stay-at-home order? There are exceptions, but businesses that don’t offer services deemed essential by the state must close.

Attorney General Barr made a public declaration that if anyone was holding onto medical supplies, they had better turn them over to authorities or else “someone will come knocking on your door.” What?

If I have more toilet paper, more guns, more food or more of anything than what the government thinks, should I expect someone to come knocking on my door and take what they feel they need?

I applaud the sacrifices that industry, business and citizens are making in support of the efforts to fight this virus. We do need to work together to be successful, but let’s not give up our constitutionally guaranteed rights in the name of public safety.

A quote from Benjamin Franklin seems appropriate, “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Keith Wilson

Idaho Falls