If El Chapo had the opportunity to have the judge consult with him prior to his trial and the opportunity to say who would or wouldn’t testify, would his trial have ended differently? If those who know the truth are not permitted to testify, then the impeachment proceedings have been a waste of time. The opportunity to once again do what is right is in the hands of our politicians. On an optimistic note, maybe the Senate will hear the public sentiment and force those who have had their testimony suppressed to testify. The American public deserves more than a trial conducted by paid-for politicians (on both sides). We deserve to know the truth — an evasive quality in politics.

Over 73 percent of the American people believe politicians fail to fulfill the responsibility of their office. Will the upcoming Senate trial be supportive of public opinion? Why are children forced to shut down a lemonade stand because they do not have “the required street vendor licenses” but those responsible for making the laws can just turn their backs to it? Will Rogers said, “A jury should decide a case the minute they are shown it before the lawyers have had a chance to mislead them.” Enough.

In December 2019 The New England Journal of Medicine reported that several months in Antarctica can shrink the brain. “Researchers believe the changes in the brain are the result of monotony and prolonged isolation.”

Hmmm, some similarities in Washington D.C.?

Robert Kast

Idaho Falls