These are proven, uncontested facts:

1. Russia wanted to weaken America, so committed crimes against our country to support Trump's nomination and candidacy.

2. The Trump campaign learned of those crimes but still welcomed the support.

3. Trump himself acted to obstruct the investigation into those crimes and his campaign's active cooperation.

4. Trump's campaign worked to reduce sanctions on Russia before and after the election.

5. Trump was working during and after the election to build a hotel in Moscow, including bribing Putin, while lying about it to the American people.

6. Trump used illegal campaign funds to pay off a woman he cheated with.

7. Trump's companies get paid millions every time he vacations at his properties, and foreign companies are courting favor with him by paying his companies.

8. The Trump Foundation was a tax scam that's been shut down and is under investigation.

9. Trump was billions in debt in the '90s and is violating his promise to release his taxes in order to hide the extent of his lies and business failures.

10. Trump committed fraud by wildly inflating his net worth when applying for loans.

It's embarrassing that there is a party in America still defending this low-class con man. And there are so-called Americans still supporting both Trump and the GOP.

Dan Henry

Idaho Falls

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