Todd DeVries, committeeman for the Bonneville Democratic Party, wrote a very nicely worded commentary invoking a “better angels of our nature” (pun intended) theme lifting prosaic passages from Regan to Roosevelt about the greatness of our country. He then describes the Democratic vision for America with an emphasis on diversity, which he says Democrats embrace but that state Republicans do not via a tired laundry list of anti-this and anti-that.

Mr. DeVries, this is an extremely simple distillation on the differences between platitudes and visions of the better angels of our nature, versus what you quoted as the”‘the darker devils our nature” that you applied to “many in the Republican Party.” The devil is in the details, sir, between what the Democratic vision is versus the reality. Why has there been a wholesale migration from the Democrat-run strongholds of people who are tired of living in those hell holes? Please don’t respond that this has anything to do with COVID-19; the numbers and trends have been there before the virus.

I, and many others of both parties, remember what Los Angeles was like even just 10 to 15 years ago. Residents there lament the state of decay, waste and filth of what it has become. Should we talk about Chicago, New York? Democratic platitudes and vision clash drastically with Democratic reality. Your message on the surface sounds wonderful, but Idahoans know what a Democratic reality holds for this state.

No thank you.

Lynn Fuhriman