While in Massachusetts for a family wedding, I joined a Black Lives Matter demonstration. I would like to tell you why.

I have never been a victim of racial discrimination. I have never been frightened when stopped by police. Mortified, maybe, but never frightened.

I have never had the patrons of a restaurant or store go quiet when I entered, or suggest by word or behavior that I didn’t belong there. I have never had anyone make voting more difficult for me.

The neighborhood public schools I attended were good and safe. I worked hard for what I achieved, but I also knew that my hard work would always pay off.

I have taken these privileges for granted. I believed that all Americans could take these for granted.

But that’s not true.

Many Americans face racial discrimination every day. Many rightfully sweat when they see a cruiser in their rearview mirror. Many find obstacles in voting or getting jobs. And too many neighborhoods of color have inadequate schools. I believe there are enough resources in this great county for all citizens, the same way that there is enough love in a family to embrace each new child. Love has no limits. Equality is for everyone.

So that is why I marched.

And what better place to march than in Boston? Over 200 years ago, violent agitators dumped tea in the harbor, and with that radical act, helped change a colony into a bright, new country.

Kathy Gatens