This past year we’ve watched our children struggle with the stress of COVID-19 while simultaneously being stripped of support systems like school, sports, church gatherings and other social events. Children need the support that teachers, coaches and fellow students at school provide.

Despite District 91 efforts, it became clear this fall that meaningful education was not happening for many students. Parents, students and teachers realized that changes were needed, so we spoke up. Unfortunately, no one listened. When we reached out to those elected to be our voice, we were ignored. We sent emails asking our representatives to help. We received no response; our concerns were not reflected in the school board meetings. Consequently, dozens of concerned parents, grandparents and students attended the October meeting where we stood individually and spoke to the board — once again to no avail.

Although frustrated I considered that perhaps they had reasons for voting against students’ education. I sent another email asking my representative to explain her decision. She wrote back declining to speak to me. The ultimate dismissal came during the November meeting when three of the five board members (Hill, Cogliati and Radcliffe) voted to table an important discussion that would have helped find solutions. Not only had they refused to speak up but now they were silencing fellow board members who were.

I support the recall. I join my voice with other parents, students and teachers. Out of concern for all students in District 91, we continue to speak up for them.

M. LaPray

Idaho Falls