Recently while in Idaho Falls, I passed by a bunch of Black Lives Matter protestors out on the Broadway bridge. I noticed they were violating social distancing guidelines as dictated by our governor, and many were without masks. Why were they allowed to congregate and possibly endanger the lives of others by spreading the virus? Why didn’t the mayor put a stop to it and protect the citizens? Was the city afraid of retaliation?

The city leaders were quick to put a stop to the July Fourth Independence Day celebration. The Post Register has quoted them: The chamber said it is canceling it (Fourth of July) “after careful consideration and out of an abundance of concern for the health and safety of our community,” due to the possibility of spreading the coronavirus at such a large gathering. So, the virus doesn’t attack or is spread by protestors?

I ask again, why was BLM allowed to protest in direct violation of the governor’s order? Schools, businesses, churches and so forth are/were forbidden to gather and conduct business but not liquor stores nor protestors, it appears. And why aren’t citizens up in arms about canceling the most important day of celebration of our country? Adjustments can be made. You see what’s happened in Seattle. Don’t think we are immune here in Idaho with 60 gangs here in Idaho Falls; we’re just at time-bomb waiting to go off.

Andi Elliott