To vaccinate or not to vaccinate for the flu. That is the question in the hearts and minds of parents when it comes to what has been proven over the years to be somewhat effective to very effective. I would suppose that if these parents were to discuss this issue with their children's pediatrician they might get answers from definitely do it to what can it hurt.

It does not cost one financially to get a flu shot either through their doctor's office or public health services. It does, however, cost everyone financially and emotionally when a flu outbreak comes along. It would be interesting to know what percentage of children with the flu have been vaccinated. Maybe that would help convince parents of what to do.

The last time I had the flu (knock on wood and praise the vaccine) was in 1995 — over 20 years ago. Since then I've had a flu shot every year. My son and his family believe in the flu shot, and my grade school age grandchildren have yet to get the flu. Maybe I'm tempting fate or good luck when saying this. But again, what can it hurt?

Alan Jones

Idaho Falls

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