Newcomer to our Statehouse Julianne Young’s guest columns are much like her campaign to win her seat: Nothing more than dog whistling to religious conservatives.

Her arguments to restrict the people's voice and will is less intended to convince us, the voters, than it is to curry favor within the Boise political leadership.

Time and time again, bills are killed and not allowed to see the light of day based on one man’s decision, and one man alone has that power. Unlike the pretty picture that Julianne paints of testimony and hearings and thoughtful consideration by our elected officials, the reality is often quite different. Measures pass and fail long before the first words of debate on the floor or in committee in Boise’s political backrooms.

Julianne's roots are with the John Birch Society. Julianne wants us to allow her and her like to make decisions for us because obviously, we are too stupid to think for ourselves.

Lynn Fuhriman


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