On Dec. 19, I sent an email to our District 33 State Legislators asking whether they would support the voter’s decision on Proposition 2, the Medicaid Expansion Ballot Initiative, passed by the majority of voters in District 33. I pointed out that Proposition 2 had received significantly more yes votes than they themselves had received in winning their respective seats. I also specifically asked whether they felt compelled to represent the wishes of the District 33 voters, or if they felt compelled to represent the wishes of the Idaho Freedom Foundation and the Bonneville County Republican Central Committee and find a way to negate the voters will on Proposition 2.

Senator Dave Lent responded the same day and stated: “My intent is to work with other legislators in wrestling with the funding impacts associated with addressing Medicaid expansion.” However, Representatives Bryan Zollinger and Barbara Ehardt did not respond to my email. Their lack of response to my email and their subsequent support of efforts to either negate or obstruct the full intent of Proposition 2 is answer enough.

Well, District 33 voters, both Mr. Zollinger and Ms. Ehardt (note the lack of the honorific “Representative”) have clearly shown what they think of you as their constituents and where their true allegiance lies. So ask yourself, are you comfortable with their lack of respect for the clear majority of Idaho Falls voters? Per the Idaho Constitution, Proposition 2 is now the law and should be respected as such.

Tom Brinkerhoff

Idaho Falls

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