If you’re just getting into cross-country skiing or new to the area, here are my recommendations on great Nordic areas within 2 hours of Idaho Falls. These are areas that groom or “set track,” which includes classic (diagonal stride) and often skate track!

An innovative approach using trail cameras to capture wildlife will allow Idaho Fish and Game biologists to estimate deer and elk populations in a safer, less-invasive, and less-expensive way than the traditional method of biologists flying in aircraft and counting them.

The recent conveyance of 600 acres of public land to Challis and other parts of Custer County fits nicely into the city's plans to create more recreational trail systems, according to the mayor.

On Saturday I decided to go to Jackson, Wyoming, and ski and ride fat bikes with the rich and pretty people who populate the Hole. My arrival seriously dropped the averages in both categories. Even the dogs there are good looking.

Permit writers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are hopeful they can meet a March 15 deadline to complete Idaho’s steelhead fishery permit, but an agency spokesman said the recent 35-day partial shutdown of the federal government cost them valuable time.

When national park employees returned to work after weeks of a partial government shutdown, some had to wait for roads to be plowed out so they could reach their offices. Others sat down to computers bloated with a backlog of emails.

So I don’t know if the deer thought they were being helpful, a deliberate pest or just taking advantage of a trail in the snow, but I skied a new area at 7N Ranch on Saturday and it was peppered with deer tracks.

In the 1960s, researchers believed that the limit of tolerance for heat-loving bacteria hovered around 131 degrees Fahrenheit (humans risk third-degree burns if exposed for two seconds to water heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit).

Many years ago, an enterprising doctoral student named Robert MacArthur determined to find out if five species of insect-eating warblers in a forest in Maine were competitors. With a clever study plan, he observed the birds and eventually determined that, while the species were similar in si…

So I see the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour in Idaho Falls as kind of like a midwinter holiday. It comes every year about this time and gives the body and mind a fresh jolt of stoke to carry me through the winter season.

When the weather turns cold, mammals may grow an extra layer of fur. In a heartbeat, birds can abandon harsh landscapes and fly to warmer locations. Humans may add a coat or crank up the thermostat. What about cold-blooded, or more properly termed, ectothermic, species such as reptiles?

Hunters who are looking to apply for controlled bear or turkey hunts during spring can apply in January and February. The application period for spring controlled black bear hunts began Tuesday and runs through Feb. 15. Applications for the spring turkey controlled hunts will be accepted fro…

The ongoing partial shutdown of the federal government has idled permit writers who are under a looming deadline to complete Idaho’s steelhead fishery permit, and some stakeholders are urging Gov. Brad Little to sound the alarm.