My wife and I are driving to Cleveland where I will attend a workshop on macro photography. I hope to hone my skills in this area of nature study. This workshop really isn’t about equipment and techniques (at least I hope it isn’t) as much as it is about learning to see with “macro” eyes. I …

I killed a male turkey earlier this month. A tom, in hunter speak. He was the first animal I've intentionally killed in 20 years.

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With many hunters heading outdoors with firearms, it is a good time to think about gun safety.

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The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is anticipating high volumes of sales immediately before the opening day of deer season on Wednesday, so avoid the long lines by buying your tags early.

After reading Florence William’s book “The Nature Fix,” it hasn’t been hard for me to accept the critical role nature plays in our health and well-being. After all, it has been less than a quarter century since the balance of the human population became more urban than agrarian. Our ties to …

There is good and bad news associated with the latest update of projected steelhead returns to the Columbia and Snake rivers.

LOGAN, Utah — Utah is cougar country. The cougar, also known as the mountain lion, puma, catamount, screamer or panther, can be easily recognized by its tawny color, white muzzle and long tail.

Burns Creek set a steady cadence as water tumbled into the head of the pool and flowed softly out the bottom. Cottonwoods arched above, a blush of yellow hinting at autumn as sun filtered through the leaves, and dogwoods lined the banks.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — State officials frustrated by a judge’s decision to prohibit grizzly bear hunting in the Yellowstone region and put the animals back on the threatened species list will likely appeal but that’s not their only option to contest the decision.

Duck and goose hunting is among the coolest ways to introduce a youngster to the excitement of hunting. There's usually plenty of birds in the sky and the opportunity for a novice to experience the blinds, the decoys, and the dogs, all under the supervision and guidance of an adult.

Fancy yourself a shutterbug? Send us your photos of fall colors of eastern Idaho or around the west and we’ll publish them in the Post Register’s Outdoors section on Oct. 25. Please send us high resolution photos via email to Include time and place and anything spe…

The National Park Foundation, a nonprofit partner of the National Park Service, announced a grant of nearly $300,000 to support youth and young adults providing conservation projects in the Northwest and Idaho.

This hell ain’t half bad — especially for people looking for a cool adventure hike during the end of the summer season.

When you mention British Columbia to most Idahoans, you may get either a blank stare or they will mention beautiful Victoria or Vancouver, British Columbia’s largest city, both a stone’s throw from Seattle.

The Idaho state kokanee salmon catch and release record has been broken twice in the last three weeks — by two Pocatello men who also happen to be fishing buddies and co-workers at Idaho Central Credit Union.

Fish and Game provides option for fading licenses and tags

A couple of weeks ago my two nephews from California were visiting and strongly voted-for downhill mountain biking at Big Sky Resort as the best way to spend the last day of their vacation in Montana.

We‘re amazed at the number of rental RVs on the road these days. Perhaps as many as half of the RVs we have encountered through Canada and Alaska have been rentals, from minivans to huge motor homes.

Check the fish counts at Lower Granite Dam and the steelhead run looks depressing, but at nearly three times the size of last year’s run there is at least a hint of silver lining.

On Monday, my sweetheart and I hiked to Hancock Lake in the Centennial Mountains north of Kilgore. The best part for me was eating homemade tomato and ham sandwiches while sitting on a log watching the fish jump in the lake. The second best part was a visit to the Kilgore Store. Perhaps it w…

We were taking full advantage of a rare sunny afternoon near Fairbanks, Alaska. As we raced around, we checked out a trailhead (and the associated restroom) that seemed popular. I was standing outside the truck when a big bear of a man with a mop of unruly silver hair and an even more impres…

As the raft surged through the rapids, frothy white water sprayed the six paddlers. They each wore wetsuits, flotation devices and helmets as they paddled through the Big Eddy, a section of Oregon's Deschutes River that features Class III rapids.

From the time his father taught him to cast a fly on Utah’s upper Parley’s Creek to his present retirement years fishing for big steelhead on the Clearwater River, Will Godfrey has been consumed with fly fishing.

With almost every trip it seems I learn a few new things, new tricks, better ways of getting things done or just finishing up with all my limbs attached.

A few miles north of the tiny town of Chemult, Oregon, there was hairy, little man pedaling a mountain bike piled with his possession down the shoulder of the highway.