Deadline is approaching for the Post Register Banff Mountain Film Festival photo contest.

You can qualify to win tickets to one night of the festival world tour showing in Idaho Falls at the Colonial Theater by sending us a cool photo of outdoor recreation, nature or people doing something fun outdoors. We’re not necessarily looking for selfies.

Deadline for submissions is Jan. 20.

Enter to win by sending a high-resolution photo of outdoor recreation to

Previous winners have been of people jumping off tall rocks into rivers, backpacking in the Idaho wilderness, ice climbing, canyoneering, snow sledding, rock climbing, horseback riding, fishing and dozens of other activities.

This year’s Banff Mountain Film Festival will be shown Jan. 27, 28 and 29 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday). Tickets can be purchased at

It’s that time of year when we set some outdoor goals for 2022.

For me, I like to sign up for events or plan trips that require me to get myself in shape, learn new skills or seek out friendships that roll in that direction. And of course there’s always that pile of holiday sugar to work off.

Several years ago, a friend of mine and I set a goal to climb all of the 12,000-foot peaks in Idaho during the summer. We had already climbed Borah Peak, the state’s highest at 12,665 feet, and wanted more. At the time, there wasn’t much climbing information on the state’s nine peaks at that elevation. The internet was just beginning to post spotty directions and books were slim. We sought out a friend who knew everything and followed his directions.

At the same time, my friend and I were learning technical rock climbing. By the end of a summer of weekends scrambling up central Idaho’s highest peaks, we found ourselves in shape and trooping up the Grand Teton. It was a natural progression.

Big goals like, climbing all the 12,000 footers or climbing the Grand Teton, require intermediate goals, such as weekly and monthly goals. For example, during that time I was either walking or riding my bicycle to work every day. I also hooked up with some skilled rock climbers to learn the techniques and become addicted to a new recreation.

The first two or three big climbs left me a bit sore afterward, but by the end of summer, my body could handle big days in the mountains without much trouble.

So, if your goal this year is to bicycle a century ride or climb Mount Rainier, backpack the length of the Wind River Range or kayak the Salmon River, it’s generally a simple matter of setting intermediate goals and sticking to them.

The fun part is that intermediate goals can be rewarding too.

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