From the Board of Trustees FaceBook page:
"The Board of Trustees made the decision Wednesday night to make changes to D91's “Getting Back to School Plan” and open school on Aug. 26 in a new phase where students in grades K-12 would attend school Mondays through Thursdays and learn at home on Fridays.
The decision was made after a lengthy discussion during the board’s regular business meeting, which was held after a public hearing that included input from parents and patrons. It is intended the 4-day a week schedule would be in place for the first six weeks of the school year, but the Board of Trustees could meet to change that status based on changing local conditions.
D91’s “Getting Back to School” updated to reflect other changes the board approved Wednesday night including the expectation that everyone wear masks in commons areas, hallways and when students arrive and leave schools. Masks in classrooms will be left to the discretion of teachers."