Rigby vs Eagle

Rigby’s Armando Gonzalez was named conference coach of the year after leading the Trojans to conference and state titles.

Player of the year: Keegan Thompson, QB, Rigby

Offensive player of the year: Kaleb Demuzio, RB, Highland

Defensive player of the year: Tanoa Togiai, DT, Rigby

Coach of the year: Armando Gonzalez, Rigby

First-team offense

QB: Easton Cordero, Madison

RB: Brigham Youngstrom, Rigby

RB: Kaysom Isom, Thunder Ridge

TE: Brycen Uffens, Rigby

WR: Christian Fredericksen, Rigby

WR: Trey Holloway, Madison

WR: Kayden Toldson, Thunder Ridge

OL Landon Cook, Rigby

OL: Carson Johnson, Rigby

OL: Blake Williamson, Highland

OL: Hipa Galo, Highland

OL: Dallen Gonzalez, Madison

K: Ian Hershey, Highland

Ret.: Payten Richardson, Rigby

First-team defense

DL: Kamiah Olsen, Highland

DL: Paul Fitzgerald, Thunder Ridge

DL: Zhigy Falevai, Rigby

DL: Luke Togiai, Highland

LB: Dylan Jester, Highland

LB: Landon Johnson, Rigby

LB: Brigham Carter, Madison

LB: Bryson Bosh, Rigby

DB: Jayden Bell, Highland

DB: Trey Talbot, Rigby

DB: Sam Cardon, Madison

DB: Payton Van Steenkiste, Rigby

P: Jayden Bell, Highland

Second-team offense

QB: Tao Johnson, Thunder Ridge

RB: Dalton Jones, Highland

RB: Josh Potter, Highland

TE: Dawson Wills, Madison

WR: Trajen Larsen, Rigby

WR: Lane Gellespie, Thunder Ridge

WR: Joe Lundin, Madison

OL: BJ Madsen, Rigby

OL: Seth Moedl, Thunder Ridge

OL: Elijah Fonoti, Thunder Ridge

OL: Blake Anderson, Rigby

OL: Ezra Rasmussen, Madison

K: Brendan Behunin, Rigby

Ret.: Dalton Jones, Highland

Second-team defense

DL: JJ Flores, Highland

DL: Gavin Fuller, Madison

DL: Quin Wilcox, Madison

DL: Talin Togiai, Rigby

LB: Taten Hawkes, Rigby

LB: Max Whitehouse, Thunder Ridge

LB: Easton Eddie, Highland

LB: Brigdon Craig, Thunder Ridge

DB: Tray Murdock, Thunder Ridge

DB: Kamren Larsen, Rigby

DB: Micah Moss, Rigby

DB: Treagan Watson, Highland

P: Dawson Wills, Madison

Honorable mention

QB: Easton Durham, Highland

RB: Zheik Falevai, Rigby

RB: Ryan Winfree, Madison

RB: Mason Fullmer, Highland

WR: Mark Williams, Madison

WR: Colton Edwards, Rigby

WR: Cooper Duffin, Highland

OL: Damian Morales, Rigby

OL: Kyler Williams, Highland

DL: Connor Isom, Thunder Ridge

DL: Damian Harris, Rigby

DL: Logan George, Highland

DL: Mason Tolley, Rigby

LB: Trey McKinlay, Rigby

LB: Evan Ames, Highland

LB: Kory Caldwell, Thunder Ridge

LB: Brandon Lewis, Madison

DB: Jayden Taylor, Thunder Ridge

DB: Seth Nate, Highland

DB: Joe Lundin, Madison

DB: Jason Wright, Highland

P: Kaysom Isom, Thunder Ridge