Kenneth Copley

Kenneth Copley

Traditionally, anything can happen in a matchup of two heavyweights.

Soviet wrestler Alexander Karelin hadn't lost in 13 years, and hadn't surrendered a point in six when Rulon Gardner beat him 1-0 for Olympic gold in Sydney.

Big guys have big strength, and you give up a shoulder or a knee or get off balance for even a second, and you can lose a heavyweight match.

Scores like 3-2, 2-1 and 4-3 are common among the bigs.

Which is what makes Big Kenny Copley's defense of his 2019 state title so remarkable.

Copley went 60-1 as a junior, and followed with an unblemished 67-win season as a senior at 285 pounds, earning the title Post Register All-Area Heavyweight of the Year for the second straight season.