All-conference teams are selected by coaches.

Nuclear All-Conference team

Player of the Year: Luke Hill, North Fremont

Offensive Player of the Year: Jordan Lenz, North Fremont

Defensive Player of the Year: Athan Blonquist, Firth

Coach of the Year: Ben Lenz, North Fremont


First team: Breven Newman (West Jefferson), Cael Neeley (North Fremont), Carson Dye (North Fremont), Alex Ortiz (Firth), Brandon Richards (Firth).

Second team: Keston Newman (West Jefferson), Alex Garcia (North Fremont), Jaime Ortiz (Firth), Egan Bennion (Ririe), Athan Blonquist (Firth).

Honorable mention: Kurt Wright (West Jefferson), Kamren Wright (West Jefferson), Jobie Palmer (North Fremont), Gavin Harris (Ririe), Hudson Hillman (Firth), Tyler Fitte (Salmon), Hank Richardson (North Fremont).


First team: Keegan Park (Ririe), Taedyn Jacobson (Firth), Bronson Childs (North Fremont).


First team: Deshon Wheeler (North Fremont), Jason Tucker (Firth), Sam Park (Firth).

Second team: Gabe Sommers (Ririe), Kazden Rogers (West Jefferson), Jaden Burtenshaw (West Jefferson), AJ Hill (North Fremont).

Honorable mention: Will Garret (Salmon), Bridger Poulson (West Jefferson), Kyle Jacobson (Firth), Rawley Johnson (Ririe), Dylan Burtenshaw (West Jefferson), Mark Huttinger (North Fremont), Carson Parker (North Fremont).


First team: Caden Caywood (Salmon), Blazen Burgess (Salmon).

Second team: Griffan Mylan (Salmon), Trent Helford (Firth).

Honorable mention: Connor Parkinson (Ririe), Alex Vasquez (Firth), Zyeon Kimbro (West Jefferson).


First team: Gage Vasquez (Firth).

Second team: Dillon Pilkerton (Salmon).


First team: Carson Dye (North Fremont), Deshon Wheeler (North Fremont), Hayden Hone (Firth), Eric Blonquest (Firth), Steven Burtenshaw (Ririe).

Second team: Tyler Martens (Salmon), Keegan Park (Ririe), Hank Richardson (North Fremont), Kurt Wright (West Jefferson), Kamren Wright (West Jefferson).

Honorable mention: Layton Yearlsy (Ririe), Brandon Richards (Firth), Jaimie Ortiz (Firth), Tyler Fitte (Salmon), Steven VanZuyen (Salmon), Gage Bill (Salmon), Wyatt Nelson (Firth), Jobie Palmer (North Fremont), Cael Neeley (North Fremont).


First team: Will Garret (Salmon), Caden Caywood (Salmon), Gabe Sommers (Ririe), Bronson Childs (North Fremont), Taedyn Jacobson (Firth).

Second team: Jaden Burtenshaw (West Jefferson), AJ Hill (North Fremont), Kyson Gabrish (West Jefferson), Rawley Johnson (Ririe).

Honorable mention: Dillon Pilkerton (Salmon), Kohl Nielson (North Fremont), Carson Parker (North Fremont), Jason Tucker (Firth), Gage Morgan (Ririe).


First team: Gage Vasquez (Firth), Jordan Lenz (North Fremont), Trent Telford (Firth), Dylan Burtenshaw (West Jefferson), Blazen Burgess (Salmon).

Second team: Mark Huttinger (North Fremont), Kazden Rodger (West Jefferson), Griffin Mylan (Salmon), Alex Vasquez (Firth).

Honorable mention: Donivan Johnson (Ririe), Angel Arriajh (Firth), Kaleb Hall (West Jefferson).


First team: Taedyn Jacobson (Firth).

Second team: Zyeon Kimbo (West Jefferson).

Honorable mention: Alex Garcia (North Fremont).


First team: Dillon Pilkerton (Salmon).

Second team: Angel Arriajh (Firth).

Honorable mention: Luke Hill (North Fremont).