The Great Shaving Cream Battle of 2021 seems to have ended in a draw as the boys and girls soccer teams at Sugar-Salem begin to assess the carnage at the local elementary school field.

No one is spared; even toddlers caught in the crossfire are covered in shaving cream. Players chase down friends and teammates in one final blitz.

Diggers coach Scott Terry is almost unrecognizable as the prime target in several shaving cream attacks, but he’s able to enjoy the moment with his players as the group celebrates its annual end-of-summer tradition.

Now the real work begins.

Sugar-Salem has been to the 3A girls state championship match three years in a row and come away with three straight runner-up trophies. Last year may have been the most painful as Coeur d’Alene Charter scored with a minute left in double overtime to win the title, 1-0.

So as Terry notes, the Diggers aren’t lacking for motivation.

“Anything besides making the state championship game and then having a shot at winning it is going to be a disappointment,” Terry said. “It’s hard to sell us on anything else when you’ve been that close three times.”

But there’s also a balance that comes with chasing a trophy. The laser-like focus and determination doesn’t always work without at least a little fun and levity.

Break out the shaving cream.

“It’s very important to have the balance between the fun and hard work,” senior Alecia Jensen-Lopez said. “It’s important to work hard but also you can’t work yourself to death. You have to have some fun in there.”

Sugar-Salem has a tradition of bringing home blue championship trophies in multiple sports. Since 2000, McCall-Donnelly and Coeur d’Alene Charter have dominated the 3A girls soccer landscape. Coeur d’Alene Charter has won four straight and five championships in the past six years. The Diggers have been close enough to taste it.

“Last year was definitely hard to take but it was such a growing experience,” senior Addison Christensen said. “Bouncing back from it has been interesting and we’ve done it a couple of times before. I feel like this year there’s a different energy going around.”

One player has competed in all three title games. If there’s anyone on the team that’s ready for a breakthrough, it’s senior Corrine Flaig.

“I would love to take home the blue (championship) trophy,” Flaig said.

Will that energy result in a first championship trophy? Maybe, but first someone needs to find a towel or a hose as the Great Shaving Cream Battle of 2021 comes to a cease fire for another year.

Allan Steele is Sports Editor of the Post Register. Reach him at 208 542-6772 and follow on Twitter at asteele12000

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