North Fremont won its first cross country championship Saturday with the boys edging 2A powerhouse Salmon 60-64.

Freshman Corbin Johnston led the Huskies finishing third with a time of 16:11.5.

“Corbin’s been racing well all season,” North Fremont head coach Holly Johnston said. “He’s just a freshman. As far as the state race, he really jumped out there. He’s a really quiet kid but he’s smart and he’s really mentally strong. He jumped right out there with the top guys. He knew he wouldn’t be up with Danny (Simmons) and Grady (Mylander) but he wanted to get as close to them as he possibly could. He ran a great race, ran a smart race and got his best time of the season.”

Johnston’s older brother junior Zack Johnston finished in fourth place with a time of 16:16.59.

Senior Max Palmer finished seventh with a time of 16:30.48.

“It’s been so fun to watch them in the races,” Holly Johnston said. “The three of them pushing each other. They do that in practice. It’s so fun to watch them train together and they all push each other and they’re great friends.”

Eric Anderson finished 18th with a PR time and senior Tyler Burke finished 35th after joining the team this summer.

When Holly Johnston and co-head coach Lindsay Palmer started coaching this group of boys seven years ago Corbin was in second grade and Zack and Eric were in fourth grade.

“We have been watching them progress year after year after year,” Holly Johnston said. “And we’ve dreamt of this time. It’s been the hope and the goal. The way it panned out, it was such a narrow victory. Filled with such a tough team and such great people, great competitors. It worked out somehow.”

She said the feeling of winning was indescribable.

“It’s something that we have been working for since we started this so many years ago,” Johnston said. “It feels kind of surreal. All season long our team has been running down a dream. That’s what we’ve had our focus on and our hope for.”


North Fremont’s girls team finished ninth with Brayleigh Johnston placing 37th with a time of 21:45.28.

“I was proud of her,” said Holly Johnston. “She had that knee surgery last year. I didn’t think she would run much but she led our team again this year. Each race, it was almost like clockwork, she was improving by a minute each race.

Holly Johnston expects her girls team to improve next year with five varsity runners returning and three promising freshmen joining the team.

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