North Fremont football

North Fremont senior Jordan Lenz gets to the edge and past Melba defender Gabe Shaffer.

Note: Players voted on by coaches

Player of the Year: Jordan Lenz (Sr), North Fremont

Offensive Player of the Year: AJ Hill (Sr), North Fremont / Sam Park (Sr), Firth

Defensive Player of the Year: Athan Blonquist (Sr), Firth

Coach of the Year: Ben Lenz-North Fremont


Offensive Line

First team: Jacob Bellas- (Jr) North Fremont; Keston Newman (Sr) West Jefferson; Tyler Martens (Sr), Salmon; Ethan Perkins (Sr), Firth; Alex Ortiz (Sr), Firth.

Second team: Gavin Harris (Sr) Ririe; Teyson Gunnell (So) North Fremont; Mario Lizarraga (Jr), Firth; Kurt Wright (Sr), West Jefferson; Kamren Wright (Sr), West Jefferson.

Honorable mention: Tyler Fitte (Sr), Salmon; Val Wynn (Jr), North Fremont; Josh Reyes (Jr), West Jefferson; Aaron Martinez (So), Ririe; Benson Robinson (Sr), West Jefferson; Hayden Hone (Sr) Firth; Lloyd Neff (So), Salmon.


First team: Gage Vasquez (Jr) Firth

Second team: Colter Bennett (Sr) Salmon

Honorable mention: Creed Jacobs (Jr), West Jefferson

Running Back

First team: Carson Packer, (Jr), North Fremont; Kazden Rogers (Sr) West Jefferson; Dylan Burtenshaw (Sr) West Jefferson.

Second team: Mason Semler (Sr) Salmon; Dakota James (Sr) Salmon; Tyson Barzee (Sr) West Jefferson.

Honorable mention: Angel Romero (Jr),North Fremont; Jacob Hill (So) North Fremont.

Wide Receiver

First team: Austin Jacobson (Sr), Firth; Burton Park (Jr) Firth; Alex Vasquez (Jr) Firth.

Second team: Donivan Johnson (Sr) Ririe; AJ Anderson  (Sr) Salmon; Mack Smith (Jr) West Jefferson

Tight End

First team: Hank Richardson (Jr), North Fremont; Wyatt Nelson (Jr), Firth

Second team: Keean Rogers (Jr) West Jefferson; Dax Cherry (Jr) North Fremont

Honorable mention: Houston Brown (Jr), Ririe


Defensive Tackle

First team: Hayden Hone (Sr) Firth; Mario Lizarranga (Jr) Firth; Gavin Harris (Sr), Ririe 

Second team: Garrett Nelson (Fr) Firth; Jacob Bellas (Jr) North Fremont; Tyler Fitte (Sr) Salmon 

Honorable mention: Aaron Martinez (So) Ririe; Val Wynn (Jr) North Fremont; Bronson Kimbro (Jr) West Jefferson

Defensive End

First team: Arik Blonquist (Jr) Firth; Hank Richardson (Jr) North Fremont

Second team: James Baumer (Jr), Salmon; Kamren Wright (Sr), West Jefferson

Honorable mention: Angel Romero (Jr) North Fremont; Benson Robinson,(Sr) West Jefferson


First team: Carson Packer (Jr) North Fremont; Kyle Jacobson (Jr) Firth; AJ Hill (Sr), North Fremont; Riley Barber (Sr) Firth

Second team: Garrett Reeves (Sr), Salmon; Tyson Barzee (Sr), West Jefferson; Kurt Wright (Sr) West Jefferson; Dax Cherry (Jr) North Fremont

Honorable mention: Landon Nelson (So)Ririe; Bentley Loundsbury (So)West Jefferson; Colter Bennett (Sr), Salmon

Defensive Back

First team: Kazden Rogers (Sr), West Jefferson; Dylan Burtenshaw (Sr) West Jefferson; Alex Vasquez (Jr) Firth; Hyrum Boone (Jr) Ririe; Burton Park (Jr) Firth; Gage Vasques (Jr)Firth

Second team: Jed Hill (So), North Fremont; Jacob Hill (So) North Fremont; Jackson Johnson (Jr)Ririe; Keean Rogers (Jr) West Jefferson

Honorable mention: Creed Jacobs (Jr) West Jefferson; Dakota Bigelow (Sr) Salmon; Donivan Johnson (Sr) Ririe; Wyatt Platz (Sr) Salmon


First team: Cooper Leslie (Sr) Firth

Second team: Tony Raya (Sr) West Jefferson

Honorable mention: Jordan Lenz (Sr)North Fremont


First team: Colter Bennett (Sr) Salmon

Honorable mention: Houston Brown (Jr) Ririe

Honorable mention: Dax Cherry (Jr)North Fremont

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